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Registration Dates
AYSO 2014-2015 SEASON
For boys and girls aged 4-18 years old ( birth dates from 08/01/1995 thru 07/31/2010)
If unsure, the division calculator will update on March 1 for the current 2014 year to help you determine the correct division

Registration for 2014 has been completed. 
 If you want to register your child you must contact the appropriate division director by looking at the contacts page.
There are guarantees that your child will be placed as each division has it's own waiting list.

================================================================================= Late Registration Procedures are listed below

It is possible to complete late registration since our final day was May 10th.  Here's what you need to do and what you need to know:


Contact your child's division director (see contacts page for contact information) and ask to be placed on the wait list.

    Players whose parents volunteer to coach or referee have priority when coming off the waiting list.


    Visit  EAYSO to prepare your online data and pre-register your child. * ( see note below)

* Provide the division director with 3 copies of your registration form and a check for the registration fee of $165.00 per child.  Follow the details below only after receiving a confirmation that your child can be placed on a team.  If you decide to visit EAYSO link without reading the helpful instructions below you may be required to do it again.

There are 3 Steps to register your child.

Step 1 :
Requires you to prepare the paperwork using the EAYSO website which is the American Youth Soccer website for all of the regions.  This is not where payment is made.  However, before attending the early bird registration date or regular date all paperwork is entered first at this website.  You will fill out all of the necessary documents and bring these to the location above to finish the final registration.

Step 2:
After completing step 1, the paperwork is brought to the location to sign up your child, make payment, volunteer as a coach or assistant coach, sign up as a parent volunteer, meet the division director, sign up to become a referee volunteer.  Remember, without volunteers, for all of the positions required it would be impossible to provide soccer to your child or children.  This part is an integral requirement for the success of our organization.

Step 3:
Read all of the computer requirements below in order to perform the registration process for step 1.  Because EAYSO does not employ full time programmers not every browser will work to properly register your child.

Furthermore, the printing process on the website is different from the usual File-Print commands most are accustomed to.  Below are some helpful hints to get you through this process.  It is strongly recommended that in order to avoid frustration that you take the time to understand the what is expected.

*Sorry-NO MAIL-IN REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED" and "No Hand Printed Forms Accepted"
DO NOT visit AYSO main website and download a document to register your child.  
It will not be accepted as some have tried this.
Do not print screen your information as this will also not be accepted.
Make sure you digital sign your forms.  
Never use File print when using EAYSO.  This will not provide the proper documents.



  1. Safari Browser Does Not Work for Registration on EAYSO
  2. If you have Mac computer click here to install--->Download Mozilla Firefox Now
  3. Internet Explorer works best- Firefox works also for PC computers.
  4. Read all screens please when filling out the information
  5. Everything in RED must be filled out.
  6. You may contact the webmaster for help at webmaster@aysoregion4.com.
Common Errors made when printing are as follows:
  • Using the browser print button- not allowed.  See below #4 to print
  • Not turning off POP UP Blockers for the website
  • Pressing Print Screen- not allowed.
  • Not waiting for the RED ARROW to print the form ( see below ) 
  • Not Printing (3) copies. 1 for Registration, (1) for Division Director (1) for you to keep.
  • When you are ready click here to register at EAYSO
  • Never use File Print when using EAYSO.  This will not provide the proper documents.
  • Using Safari- It does no work.
  • Forgetting to check the box and Digital Sign your form.  It requires a Continue and then Submit function
  • Then select player to Print the form.



Refunds Will be given upon request in accordance with the following schedule: 

Fee Paid less $15.00 Processing fee if submitted by June 15th.


Refund Form Request

Request for refund(s) must be in writing via post, e-mail, or fax. Burden of proof is on you to make sure you have a document that shows it was sent on time. The request must be sent to the Division Director with a copy to the Registrar- see contacts for the current person in charge. The request must include the date, name of the player, division (and/or DOB), reason for request , and relationship of the requestor to the player.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing the request.  A mandatory form will be available on the documents page of the region 4 website. ( www.aysoregion4.com)





Available at website www.eayso.org  Print out 3 copies 

Volunteer Coaches and Referees are always required!

AYSO policy and philosophy, unlike many other youth sports programs, requires that no payments be made to any administrator, official or coach.
In order to qualify for the post-season Regional Play-off tournament, a U10/12/14 team will need to acquire a minimum combined number of game, sportsmanship and officiating points during the regular league season.
Please refer to the POINTS POLICY under Documents and Forms on the menu to the left.
AYSO is made up entirely of volunteers - please don't berate one unless you are one!



Please note that teams are balanced within AYSO and therefore requests for children from different families to be on the same team can NOT be accepted.
Our season starts in the fall - team rosters are produced in late July and practices start in August. Regular season games will start after Labor Day. All key dates are on the Calendar page.
Younger players will have one weekday practice - older players generally have two practice sessions, sometimes dropping to one later in the season. Your child is a member of a team and is expected to attend practice sessions with his or her team-mates.
Your child's coach will usually hold a Parent Meeting at which the exact day and time for practice is announced. If a Coach has not contacted you by August 10th., please get in touch with the appropriate Division Director (see Contacts page).




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