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Picture Day Information

Posted on 9/22/14 at 11:45 pm

Picture Day Schedule for September 28, 2014 Version B- All Times

Coach Order Report:

Note:  Left side is in coach order showing the camera number

Right Side is Camera Order by Coach

Brookside Elementary School 
165 North Satinwood Avenue
Oak Park Ca 
Mapquest :: Google Maps :: Yahoo Maps

Note:  This is the second posting and as such changes will take place.

Please reply back to webmaster@aysoregion4.com as well as Dsaunders@aysoregion4.com

 and also your Division Director with your current camera #, record #, and coach please.

Coaches:  If you need a change please send to your division director only.  

Only changes submitted at this time from division directors will be reviewed

If times are changed we usually will move teams down 1-2 tile slots to open a slot up for a coach

 due to other commitments this day.  Personal changes will not be allowed as we simply are unable to accommodate all families.  Only changes from the division director will be reviewed and a confirmation will be sent back.  

Each day please check back during this week to review the current changes.

An additional sheet will be posted by Monday night at 8pm

 This will be in coach order to help you find your time and camera number easier.


This year families will have to pay for their childís soccer pictures.  The cost we believe is affordable but was not included in this year fees.

The picture package you usually received free will now cost $10.00. This includes team picture, 4 wallet pictures and a pin. 

You donít have to purchase the pictures if you donít want to and just like in the years past there are other picture packages available. On picture day there will be forms for you to fill out listing the different picture package options. You can pay with a credit card, cash or check.  If you chose not to purchase a package at picture day and then later on decide you want to purchase the pictures that is fine.

 The pictures will be available at a later date for you to order. Picture day will start at 9:00 A.M. The schedule will be posted on Tuesday September 24. Please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled picture time and meet your team at the posted photographer. 

Every team MUST have a volunteer work for one hour around the time of their pictures. Please check in with Diane Saunders for scheduling of your team volunteer. NO BALLS ALLOWED.. NO DOGS ALLOWED.


Every team MUST have someone available to work for one  
hour....just show up near your picture time.
If not...times will not be accurate...so please help.


AYSO Region 4 Soccer Fields Fundraiser

UK International Program
Click to see the PDF Information

Referee Clinic 2014 Information

2014 Referee Clinic information is now available under the :

Referees Link-Referee Clinic. 

ALL returning referees are required to complete a refresher course prior to the season beginning. 

ALL referees officiating Extra level matches MUST attend the Extra Referee Training course.

For questions please contact Referee Commissioner Dave Toone at dtoone@aysoregion4.com

Volunteer Forms - Sign Off Days
CPVA- Volunteer Sign Off Days and Times Below:

Monday October 6th, 7 to 8pm board meeting.
General Board meeting
Location: Westlake Village City Center, 31200 Oak Crest Drive, Westlake Village, CA 91361

Safe Haven Electronic Communication and Social Media Policy

Electronic Communication and Social Media

                AYSO asks all adults to maintain transparency in their communications with children while protecting childrenís identity and privacy. Please be sure you are familiar with the Safe Haven Electronic Communication and Social Media Policy and contact Nicola Bond, Regional CVPA if you have questions.

This Policy is located in our downloads option to the left.

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