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September 2013
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Conference Name Conference Name
5999Sun, 09/15/20139:15 AMBrookside 1Boys U10EastSlossonEastZeman  
6038Sun, 09/15/20139:15 AMBrookside 2Boys U10NorthJohnsonSouthHowie  
6003Sun, 09/15/20139:15 AMBrookside 3Boys U10WestAllenNorthFase  
6119Sun, 09/15/20139:15 AMMedea Creek 1Girls U10SouthLangSouthTagawa  
6089Sun, 09/15/20139:15 AMMedea Creek 2Girls U10NorthEnochNorthChurchill  
6209Sun, 09/15/20139:15 AMWillow 1Girls U12Girls U12AmeripourGirls U12Wiltshite  
6211Sun, 09/15/20139:15 AMWillow 2Girls U12Girls U12NouzilleGirls U12Gilbert  
6197Sun, 09/15/201310:30 AMAE Wright 1 NorthBoys U12Boys U12PearlBoys U12Watters  
6156Sun, 09/15/201310:30 AMAE Wright 2 SouthBoys U12Boys U12DrummondBoys U12Sullivan  
6015Sun, 09/15/201310:30 AMBrookside 1Boys U10EastSmithSouthLeman  
5953Sun, 09/15/201310:30 AMBrookside 2Boys U10NorthTepperNorthCassar  
6043Sun, 09/15/201310:30 AMBrookside 3Boys U10WestMorrowSouthChapman  
6074Sun, 09/15/201310:30 AMMedea Creek 1Girls U10NorthKrokerNorthChi  
6125Sun, 09/15/201310:30 AMMedea Creek 2Girls U10SouthSuwaraSouthWolk  
6231Sun, 09/15/201310:30 AMWillow 1Girls U12Girls U12PotloffGirls U12Wilburn  
6049Sun, 09/15/201311:45 AMBrookside 1Boys U10WestTanNorthDillingham  
5987Sun, 09/15/201311:45 AMBrookside 2Boys U10EastDillardEastHaggart  
6042Sun, 09/15/201311:45 AMBrookside 3Boys U10EastMIchaelNorthKeaney  
6116Sun, 09/15/201311:45 AMMedea Creek 1Girls U10SouthSullivanSouthGillman  
6103Sun, 09/15/201311:45 AMMedea Creek 2Girls U10SouthSimonSouthFlaig  
5974Sun, 09/15/20131:00 PMBrookside 1Boys U10WestGasparWestShiloni  
6110Sun, 09/15/20131:00 PMMedea Creek 1Girls U10SouthSnowSouthWilliams  
6083Sun, 09/15/20131:00 PMMedea Creek 2Girls U10NorthRaleNorthDidone  
5571Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMAE Wright 1Boys U6Boys U6SchwartzBoys U6Nehdar  
5643Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMAE Wright 11Girls U6Girls U6AckoureyGirls U6Weiss  
5446Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMAE Wright 12Boys U5Boys U5SchlosserBoys U5Stevenson  
5634Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMAE Wright 13Girls U6Girls U6ModaberpourGirls U6Lindas  
5543Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMAE Wright 14Boys U6Boys U6EarlyBoys U6Galvan  
5442Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMAE Wright 2Boys U5Boys U5NakamuraBoys U5Wienken  
5453Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMAE Wright 3Boys U5Boys U5SimburgerBoys U5Kelley  
5527Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMAE Wright 4Boys U6Boys U6VelascoBoys U6Smith  
5561Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMAE Wright 5Boys U6Boys U6McCrearyBoys U6Maclean  
5573Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMAE Wright 6Boys U6Boys U6RookeBoys U6Nicks  
5485Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMAE Wright 8Girls U5Girls U5Jeff LandGirls U5Kirby  
5484Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMAE Wright 9Girls U5Girls U5TaleiGirls U5Barragan  
5956Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMBrookside 2Boys U10NorthTepperNorthDillingham  
6010Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMBrookside 3Boys U10EastSlossonWestGaspar  
6088Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMMedea Creek 1Girls U10NorthShulzeNorthDidone  
6138Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMMedea Creek 2Girls U10SouthSnowNorthChi  
5793Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMRussel Ranch 2Girls U7Girls U7MillerGirls U7Yessner  
5653Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMRussel Ranch 3Boys U7Boys U7IpsenBoys U7Aguirre  
5677Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMRussell Ranch 1Boys U7Boys U7WalkerBoys U7Huber  
5911Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMWestlake 1Girls U8Girls U8SandersGirls U8Gillman  
5873Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMWestlake 2Girls U8Girls U8GelickGirls U8VonBuck/Casser  
5863Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMWestlake 3Boys U8Boys U8PearlBoys U8Tlchinsky  
5803Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMWestlake 4Boys U8Boys U8FolletteBoys U8Chu  
6229Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMWillow 1Girls U12Girls U12NouzilleGirls U12Sullivan  
6201Sat, 09/21/20138:00 AMWillow 2Girls U12Girls U12AmeripourGirls U12Gilbert  
5412Sat, 09/21/20139:00 AMAE Wright 1Boys U5Boys U5LanuzaBoys U5Layton  
5603Sat, 09/21/20139:00 AMAE Wright 10Girls U6Girls U6KuykendallGirls U6Cracchiola  
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